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The Perfect WHS Training Solution for small business. HR Learning E-Cloud.HR Learning e-Cloud

Your staff trains online when and where it suits at a low fixed per-person price.

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HR Learning- training facilitation and coaching

Welcome to HR Learning for workplace training.


Is your business in need of a cost effective training solution?

HR Learning provides easy ways for you to meet your WHS training obligations. E-learning fits the bill for many kinds of WHS training applications. It can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world using a PC, tablet or smartphone. You can track learners performance and completion of learning material. Your company can demonstrate that appropriate training has been provided as required by legislation.


HR Learning E-Cloud HR Learning e-Cloud

HR Learning E-Cloud is e-learning that we host for you on our Learning Management System. Your costs are reduced because you only pay for the staff member who requires training. It's an affordable way to ensure your staff are trained in their Work Health and Safety responsibilities. You pay a set low price for each staff member to train on a module. If you run a small business, you don't have to forego properly training your staff. It's a bit like joining a library. Staff can choose from a variety of WHS training topics. You receive a monthly report on which staff member has completed which specific training training. Click here


For site induction

Choose our e-learning induction shell for our core price and then add specific site information and your logos. This is a quick and very cost effective way to provide site inductions. Obviously, your site induction has to be specific for your site. It has to mention the site inherent risks, your policies and procedures. The shell e-learning addresses site specifics that are similar from site to site. The site induction questionnaire  assists you to gather the relevant information quickly and effectively so that HR Learning can prepare your material in as little time as possible. This keeps down your additional costs. Click here


For more specific training needs 

HR learning can develop tailor-made e-learning material on a project by project basis. We can develop the project plan, set milestones, consider the best method of delivery, develop resource materials, photos, illustrations, research training material and work the project forward. Developing specific training material still has significant cost benefits. Your organisation gets training material that is designed to meet specific gaps. The material is styled in your corporate colours, fonts and styles. You can choose size of stage, animation, narration, video content. It's possible to develop step-by step instructions for particular workplace tasks. The process can involve consultation, site visit and so on. Click here


HR Learning can also provide trainers, training materials and training courses for your workplace.

HR Learning has provided face-to-face training for many corporate clients around Australia. HR Learning provides training for change, training for problem solving and training for evolution.Through our network of partners we are able to offer Nationally Recognised training in  most areas of work health and safety, human resources and management. We can carry out Training Needs Analysis to determine training gaps as well as deliver the training you want, when you want it. Click here 


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