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Dan is a great technician

what would make him a great people person?

They've been working from home for the last two years

how will you bring them back?

Marika works through pain

she really shouldn't

Alexander Technique training for corporations

HR Learning innovative approach to staff training

In  this Alexander Technique based staff training, trainees identify their “stuck” patterns. They learn through physical experience and cognitive modelling to change where they have been stuck and to move differently. This kind of learning can lead to significant “aha” moments with regard to movement and posture. Find out more here.

Dissolving “stuck” patterns. HR Learning

The training leads the learners to transfer that information into how they work for you. Many teams and individuals in the workplace get “stuck” in patterns that become counterproductive. It’s not enough to just be creative and think outside the box.  Alexander training shows how to prevent predicatability and allow creativity to emerge.

Alexander staff training is run as a half day or full day workshop. From start to end, your staff are totally engaged in an active learning format. There’s no writing, no Powerpoints and yet the learning experience is a profound and deep understanding. Learn more about our approach here.

HR Learning. We teach movement not manual handling

Conventional trainings will look at movement as a physical activity and teach people “correct” posture. How to bend from the hips. How to sit up straight. This approach imposes a set of postural values but does not address the learner’s own experience.

Alexander Technique creates a ‘cybernetic’ model of movement and posture. Manual handling and computer overuse injuries are  addressed via the learner’s own intra-communication. How does their understanding of their own posture/movement experience keep them stuck?

They’ll get to experience movement and posture in a completely new way and practice gathering sensory data, waiting and communicating new requests to their brain. The training will lead to a rethink and a new approach to achieving goals.

This training is not for companies that want a predicatable chalk and talk to meet training obligations. If you are interested in innovative, dynamic, movement training call Michael Shellshear on 0448 406 881.  M |



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