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Root Cause Analysis e-learning trains your staff to respond to incidents.

To carry out incident investigations you need staff who are trained in root cause analysis. As a result of this e-learning, you will save you thousands of dollars in training costs. As well, this training will provide your staff with the skills and knowledge they need to carry out an incident investigation. However, your staff can learn this skill flexibly at home or at a time that suits them.

The training is written to be comprehensive and interactive. We use many case studies and hypotheticals to assist learning. The structure of the course is :

  1. Lead the initial response to the incident
  2. Develop and Resource an incident investigation plan
  3. Collect information and data
  4. Lead an incident investigation that os not a part of providing legal advice
  5. Record and report WHS incident investigation.

Easy to follow incident investigation models shows staff step by step procedures for investigation

There are numerous methods and approaches to incident investigation. Moreover, all use root cause analysis.  They range from linear cause and effect all the way to complex non-linear. This e-learning will work with straight-forward, easy to follow models of causation.  Your team will be able to develop reports and recommendations that are detailed, exhaustive and transformative. Forget complex engineering degrees and formatted useless incident investigations. You team will create down to earth useable reports and recommendations in plain English.

Written by Michael Shellshear Adv.Dip OHS,Dip WHS,CWHS,AIHS. Michael was senior consultant with National Safety Council of Australia & Minerva Consulting. As well, he has worked as an WHS subject matter expert for Unilever Australia and University of Western Sydney. Michael is a highly experienced trainer and assessor of the Diploma WHS and Certificate IV WHS courses as well as an experienced designer and developer of e-learning course material.

The course structure follows the Commonwealth government  Lead initial response to and investigate WHS incidents unit of competency. Also, the learning material is coded in such a way as to encourage learners to remember key material, understand the concepts, be able to implement the key concepts and be able to evaluate the implementation. You will be able to try out and consider this course  before purchase by following this link and logging in to our HR Learning e-learning hub. Click here