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Staff Positivity Training-create a positive workplace

Staff positivity training.

Create a positive workplace and watch productivity and staff morale rise with this short staff positivity training. If you ask groups of people, how many of them have worked or experienced a negative workplace, almost everyone will put up their hand. Negative workplaces encourage all those behaviours that we call "toxic". You may have experienced a toxic workplace. Work becomes unpleasant, stressful a place to be avoided.  Employers should strive to create a positive workplace not just because it's a good thing to do. A positive workplace provides benefits to employers just as much as to employees. What's the difference between "high stress" and destructive? When does humour inflict humiliation, pain and separation? When does competition cease being a stimulus to improve and start becoming an impediment to your business.

There is a strong case for analysing your workplace culture and determining its mental health. This course is about changing mindset. It focuses on the steps that individuals within the organisation can take to create that positive workplace.

Positive workplaces  include:

  • Reduced Workplace Bullying
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduce Workplace Stress
  • Workplace Collaboration
  • Reduced "Backbiting"

This course is aimed at individual staff members to inspire a positive mindset.

Course Author

Corrina Lindby Course AuthorHi, I’m Corrina Lindby. Life does not always go according to plan and it can get you down. However there are things you can do to create a positive mindset. For 12 years I was a financial counsellor and I had to learn to be happy within myself even when listening to a client's heartbreak. This course covers some of these tools that helped me.

This is our affiliate The Answer is Yes course. The price is per enrolment. The copurse is completed on their Learning Mnagament System. Click on the link below to enrol.